We're Back!!!!

    After fixing a few problems and transfering servers, our website is FINALY back online! (Yay!)

    So, what's been happening with us over the past 7 months? Well, quite a bit actually...

    We kickstarted this year with a bang by having our song "Why Do I Fall?" played on Clyde 1. Not long after this happened we were invited to perform at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to a SOLD OUT audience in order to celebrate Chinese New Year in style (and believe me, we did).

    Since that show we have had many really cool opportunities come our way with some things that we can't quite reveal yet in the works. We did a lot of radio and of course have been gigging non-stop. We even won an award! We've spent loads of time together writing new songs and having new experiences together, including all got off us getting off our lazy butts and training for a 5K! 

    However, of course with the good unfortunately comes the bad. We sadly had to say goodbye to our dear friend Betsy (aka, the van). She'll be missed, but we won't let it stop us!!!!! We have lots of exciting things happening in the 2nd half of 2014. Let's make it wild!!!


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